We are a non-profit, NRA Affiliated Club with a President, Vice President and a Secretary/Treasurer all elected by the members.  We also have an NRA certified Chief Range Safety Officer who is an NRA certified Pistol Instructor as well.  Our primary emphasis is having fun while practicing safe, responsible gun handling.  We have several Club Certified Range Safety Officers (RSOs) to directly supervise shooting activities.  Two of them are women.  This being Mesquite, most of our members are seniors so we design our activities appropriately but shooters of any age will find our drills and scenarios interesting and challenging.  We have several women members who shoot regularly.  The club uses safety procedures modeled after major international action shooting organizations.  SAFETY IS ALWAYS OUR TOP PRIORITY.  Club membership is open to anyone regardless to race, religion, or sexual orientation.  Alcohol and illegal drugs are not allowed at club events.

No Gun - No Experience - NO PROBLEM.  We will help you learn to shoot safely.  In fact we STRONGLY recommend attending a few shoots before buying a gun if you don't already own one.  Many members are eager to discuss & demonstrate guns they shoot at our range.  It’s a great chance to see and experience guns of various types, sizes and calibers before spending money on a gun that may not be suited to your physical abilities or intended purpose.  Holsters must cover the trigger so if you don't own one, come and see the types we use first.  Some members keep their gear simple and inexpensive.  That means a .22 pistol, a gun bag and 2 or 3 magazines in addition to their hearing protection, hat and glasses which we'll discus later.  A few go all out with a fancy (expensive) gun, several magazines and lots of specialized gear.  Most of or members fall somewhere in between.

The club is “action pistol” oriented.  Some members shoot strictly for recreation while others are oriented toward home defense or concealed carry.  Members develop skills involving drawing the gun (if they prefer to use a holster), shooting on the move & around barriers and changing magazines to name just a few.  Each individual shooter is always under the direct supervision of a Range Safety Officer and no one is ever asked to perform beyond their individual abilities. Nearly any course of fire can be modified to meet individual gun handling skills and physical abilities.    Though action shooting is our primary emphasis, club activities occasionally include bulls-eye practice to keep basic skills sharp and prepare for the annual Mesquite Senior Games Target Pistol Event which we host at our facility.
Our range has 4 shooting bays.  All have range tables for shooters' equipment.  All four have permanent shade/rain structures.  One bay is dedicated as a “new shooter” area for individual attention with a Range Safety Officer when needed.  Two or three bays are usually operated dependent on member turnout but all 4 can be open at once to allow maximum “trigger time” and minimum waiting should the need arise.  Each bay has limited bench seating for shooters and guests but lawn chairs are also welcome.  The range also has a leased/serviced portable toilet facility.

Through most of the year we shoot twice a week - Wednesdays and Saturdays at 9:00am usually ending between 10:33 to 11:30am. We are always done by noon. Shooters should arrive half an hour early to sign in/pay and prepare their gear, load magazines, etc.  When the weather turns hot we adjust our start time to 8:00am and may only shoot on Saturdays.  We do not shoot in August. During the summer it's best to call or Email a club contact before visiting for the first time to confirm times & days we'll be open.

Wednesdays are usually "steel" days involving various sizes of steel targets in different arrays in each bay.  These are fun events oriented more toward "speed" shooting.  Some are shot from a static position while others require movement.  Often they require magazine changes.  In each bay 5 to 20 targets may be as close as 8 yards to as far as 25 yards.  Shooters often fire 70-100+ rounds of ammunition on "steel" days but it isn't necessary to shoot every bay if your ammo is limited.  

Saturdays are generally "defensive" days involving life-sized cardboard human silhouette targets in scenario formats similar to what one might encounter in home defense or concealed carry situations.  Targets may be as close as arm's length and usually not beyond 8 yards.  Each bay usually includes 3 to 5 targets, each requiring 2 or sometimes 3 hits. Occasionally some steel targets are included.  Scenarios usually involve movement and magazine changes.  Shooters may use a cover garment (with approval of a Range Safety Officer) to practice concealed carry techniques.  Targets may be static, single or double swinging targets and we also have a drop turn target to challenge your reaction time.  Shooters usually fire 40-50 rounds.
Most safe handguns are allowed with the exception of small "pocket" guns.  We have occasional special events to include those.  Also, single action revolvers are not suitable for our club activities.  If you have a question about a gun you own just bring it along and we'll look at it to determine if it's appropriate.  We reserve the right to not allow any gun we feel is unsuitable.  Unlike many action pistol clubs we welcome .22s.  They are inexpensive to buy, easy to shoot and ammunition costs are low compared to other calibers.  All of our events are .22 friendly.  If a shooter doesn’t own a gun there is usually a club loaner.  The most common center fire caliber among members is 9mm (lowest center fire ammo cost) but some shoot .40 or .45 and other semi-autos.  A few shoot revolvers in .38/.357, .22 or other calibers.
We are a shooting club but we are also a social club.  Our events are fun and light hearted within the bounds of safe shooting practices.  Friendly banter is common.  Visitors & new shooters are always welcome.  EVERYONE must comply with the following rules:  No camouflage or clothing with political messages please.  A brimmed hat is required (baseball cap or full brim), plus eye protection like sunglasses or prescription glasses and ear plugs.  If you don‘t have everything we usually have limited loaner gear, especially ear plugs, at the range.  It can get pretty warm so you may want to bring along something to drink too - non-alcoholic of course!

Cost to participate as a shooter is $5 for members & $10 for non-members.  Annual membership is only $25 and new members can join on any shooting day.  Our firing range is located a short drive northeast of mesquite.  Take Exit 8 off I-15 North which is the first exit in Arizona.  Turn right and follow old highway 91 about one & a half miles to Hidden Valley Road (watch for the green street sign) and turn left.  Follow that private road about another mile and a half through 2 open gates to our range.  Look for the red range flag and Old Glory.

If you are considering attending as a visitor or shooter call Ovid at 702-239-8307 or Ken at 702-613-4170 so we will be expecting you and have a gun and equipment ready if necessary.  If you can’t call ahead that’s OK too.  We’re pretty flexible.

  Our By-laws